Funeral Bill 2 Sponsor Stops the bill From Further Consideration|Your Funeral Guy

5 May

Breaking News-Bereaved Consumers Bill Of Rights Act, No Full House of Representatives Vote Now

Congressman Bobby Rush(Sponsor) has asked that HR 3655 Bereaved Consumers Bill of Rights Act  of 2009  be pulled from consideration By The House Energy and Commerce Committee.  Rush opposes an amendment to the bill that would allow exemption for religious cemeteries.

The Federal Legislation was initially Drawn up because of The Burr Oak Cemetery Scandal.

The legislation was NOT Marked up to The Full House for a vote on May 5th, 2010. Details on Further consideration of cemetery reform legislation is not known at this time.

The State Law In Illinois passed a law in response to the Burr Oak Cemetery Scandal-“Cemetery Oversight Act” signed by Illinois Governor Quinn in January allows for the same religious cemetery exemption to the law.

The Federal Legislation received STIFF opposition from the International Cemetery, Cremation, and Funeral Association, Republicans, and Cemetery  Industry Lobbyists.


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