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4 May

Service Corporation International Logo

Recently it was pointed out in a blog post here that The World’s Largest Funeral Corporation(Service Corporation International, NYSE: SCI) was leaving Unrealized preneed losses out of their financial reports.

Now some Financial commentators and preneed, prepaying advocates are taking to saying Preneed is on the rise because of the SCI Financial report.  What a sham. In the last financial statement there was MAJOR PRE NEED LOSSES left out of the report.

“Pre-need funeral planning is on the rise, which is good news for funeral homes. Service Corporation International Announced pre-need funeral planning increased 10.2 percent in the first quarter 2010. The hard economic times has impacted the funeral business negatively in the past decade, making these new numbers a sign of recovery.

Total funeral contracts increased 8.9 percent, but most pre-need contract sales are for future revenues. Pre-need funeral planning allows families to breath easier during unfortunate times, especially when pre-need funeral planning is done early in life, in case of emergencies.”-Via

The SCI report and the followup post by are only  peroetuating a false reality in the Funeral Business.

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