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4 May

Tomorrow the Bereaved consumers Bill of Rights Act of 2009 comes up for a hearing, before the House Energy and Commerce Committee. There will be a vote to move the legislation to a full house vote.

This legislation (HR 3655)will be good for the Funeral Consumer and the Funeral Industry as a whole. The legislation is known as the Rush Bill or Funeral Rule 2. can call and file a complaint with the FTC  about a Funeral Home. As of today You cannot file a complaint against a cemetery, or certain third party funeral and cemetery providers. Last July I received a call from a governmental authority investigating the Burr Oak Cemetery Scandal. I had to tell the attorney on the line that there was essentially no effective State Regulation and No Federal Regulation that  Existed for the tragedy at Burr Oak Cemetery outside of Chicago.

Contact Congress today, stop these tragedies and let there be a place (The Federal Trade Commission) where Folks can File a Complaint if they have a problem with a grave or cemetery!


Phone the U.S. House Energy and Commerce Committee “to SUPPORT H.R. 3655.”

(202) 225-2927

Phone your  friends, colleagues and  co workers and ask them to immediately call the  phone number listed above to FULLY SUPPORT  H.R. 3655.

Phone your Congressman and tell him/her to contact the Energy & Commerce Committee to express SUPPORT and stop opposition to H.R. 3655.

The new LAW would call on the FTC (FEDERAL TRADE COMMISSION)to setup rules requiring all cemetery, crematory and mausoleum owners to provide clear  disclosures and pricing information about their funeral, cemetery products and services, including preneed contracts, memorials, graves , grave and vaults.

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