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4 May

Machime for Waterless embalming, bio cremationCremation is going Green as  CA Considers Bio-Cremation, Water Resolution
California state Assemblyman Jeff Miller, R-Corona has introduced a bill that would add alkaline hydrolysis to a list of approved methods for cremations.

Also known as “resomation” or  “water resolution” this process uses water, heat, pressure and potassium hydroxide to dissolve body tissue leaving a bleached white powder.

Since alkaline hydrolysis does not involve fire, the process uses less energy to operate and produces fewer pollutants than traditional cremation. The liquid left behind is sterile and is said to be safe enough to water plants.

Brad Crain, president of BioSAFE Engineering says that machines required for this process can cost almost twice as much as traditional cremators but savings are found in the long run and for families, it is still less expensive than traditional burial.

If the bill passes, California will be the fourth U.S. state, along with Minnesota, Florida and Maine, to allow mortuaries to offer bio-cremation.

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One Response to “Green Cremations to happen soon|YourFuneralGuyblog”

  1. cycledlife May 4, 2010 at 2:17 pm #

    As cremation and burial harm the living, clearly, water and alkali disposition is the single best option for the final disposition of human remains. The problem with this technology has been the high capital cost for high-pressure systems. CycledLife, http://www.CycledLife, will be unveiling a low-temperature system at the MFDA’s convention held in St. Cloud from May 11-12, 2010. The system is being offered for $128,000 – a lot less than the old high temperature systems. At this low capital cost for a water and alkali system, crematories will soon be dead.

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