VIDEO: Consumers RIP: It’s OK To buy Casket From Walmart|YourFuneralGuy

3 May

Consumers all across the land can now rest in peace. A Funeral Director has stated that it is OK to buy your casket at Walmart online.
However the Funeral Director in the video displays his displeasure with the shipper of the Walmart, Star Legacy Casket
FED EX. Update 7/25/10: The Funeral director who posted the video on You Tube made the video private.

THis Video goes beyond just showing what to expect, and does put FED EX in a bad light, for not allowing tail gate off loading assistance, something the video does not define. It is unreasonable for Fed EX to accommodate funeral home(or any receiver) delivery requests or restrictions without extra charge, The Video does not reveal the conversation with Fed Ex on the phone so to point a finger at them without further detail is a tad bit unfair to the shipper-Fed Ex

A Batesville casket is cleverly shown in the video is a subtle advertisement for the world’s largest casket maker. .

Walmart starting to sell caskets on line shook the funeral world last October and created an internet explosion of commentary, jokes on Wamart selling Caskets.

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