World’s Largest Funeral Corporation’s Shocking Radio Ad |Your Funeral Guy

29 Apr

The Chicago Tribune’s Eric Zorn Has revealed a radio ad being run by the World’s Largest Funeral Corporation Service Corporation International, NYSE: SCI. The advertisement is extremely inappropriate and shows the extreme that a dying Funeral Industry will go.

Here’s the text of a radio commercial now running from something called the Dignity Memorial Network:

Your phone rings, the last thing you expect is your father calling from his vacation in Mexico. And as soon as you hear his voice you know something terrible has happened. Your heart sinks, your palms sweat. “It’s your mother,” he says. An auto accident on a coastal road. She’s gone. His voice cracks. And you try to remember if you’ve ever heard your father cry. You struggle to speak. You sit down and begin to worry about how to get both of them home.

Old fashioned of me, I’m sure, but I prefer discreet euphemisms and soft sell in funeral-industry come-ons — “your time of need” and so on — to vivid evocations of family tragedies.

Also, really, the last thing you expect is your folks to check in from vacation.


SCI Known for it’s antics and scandals in the Funeral Industry, was exposed last year in the Washington Post in a veterans corpse abuse scandal, at National funeral Home in Falls Church,  Va. There was also a Burr Oak Like Scandal, involving  Service Corporation International at a cemetery outside of LA Last year.


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