Burr Oak Cemetery Sold with condition|Your Funeral Guy

27 Apr

Burr Oak Cemetery has been sold with a condition. The price was not $25,000 but $110,000 Dollars. The deal included Cedar Park, which brought the total deal to 1 million dollars.

Click here to see a video on the The sale of Burr Oak Cemetery

Burr Oak Cemetery was the cemetery where less than a year ago it was discovered that over 300 graves were desecrated and bones were piled up all over the cemetery.

There is a catch to the deal: It’s contingent on obtaining permission to perform burials in 9 acres on the northern side of Burr Oak Cemetery. It’s the area the workers allegedly used as a dumping ground for human remains.

“It’s very important to get the cemetery into the hands of qualified operators who have the funds to run it the way it should be run,” said Robert Fishman, Burr Oak debtors’ attorney.

via abclocal.go.com

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The Burr Oak Cemetery Scandal inspired Congressman Bobby Rush to introduce the Bereaved Consumers Bill Of Rights Act of 2009.


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