Chicago Tribune presents cremation as a viable alternative|YourFuneralGuy

22 Apr

The Chicago Tribune has done a piece on cremation presenting  it as a viable alternative to the Traditional Funeral. This is a very good thing as in the past weeks the Funeral Consumer has been under assault by the Traditional Funeral Industry. Thomas Lynch, the brother of The NFDA(National Funeral Directors Association President Elect) has written a venomous attack  on consumers in all of places the Christian Century.

A Snippet on Lynch’s attack on cremation, as a low cost funeral alternative, and consumers who make that choice is here. What seems to be the heart of the issue for Lynch is the survival of the traditional funeral home, and making sure that his tradition controls the consumer choice. This leads to another key question WHO OWNS OR CONTROLS A FUNERAL?

In assaulting the consumer for  pursuing the Lower cost cremation alternative in this economy is unacceptable. And Connecting posting this article shows that the traditional funeral industry is positioning itself against the  American Family, their very clients.

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