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21 Apr

Nothing in the last 10 years has educated folks more about Funerals and the funeral home than the TV Series Six Feet Under. The Last episode aired in 2005.
Here is the YouTube clip of the finale  episode of “Six Feet Under”itself, set to the song “Breathe Me” by Sia.

This is the actual song used in the final episode, and for those who have seen this show, or the last episode, get out the tissues and prepare for a tear duct flow.

During the years the showed aired I did not view it all that much, too busy doing funerals. The series inspired many people to become Funeral Directors. I often wonder how many folks with this inspiration are funeral directors today.

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One Response to “Blast from the Past|Last Episode of “Six Feet Under” You Tube|Your Funeral Guy”

  1. L August 2, 2011 at 11:32 pm #

    I just came upon this. I loved (love) this series so much and cried so hard at the finale and prior episodes, too. I found it excellent as it was done so realistically with both drama and humor and began feeling the Fishers really existed. I am in the process of seeing the series again and will own a copy the entire show when I can.

    Just to mention, I worked for a short while in the ’90’s at a Funeral home in L. A., calling to market pre-need arrangements. Being in that place wasn’t creepy to me, but felt rather peaceful. It takes special people to do work in this necessary field. Thanks for sharing.

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