Self appointed Funeral Poet Attacks cremation as Not Christian|Your Funeral Guy

20 Apr

When will the Traditional Funeral guru and self appointed Funeral Poet Quit his attack on alternative funerals? It Does not appear that Thomas Lynch is ready to give  this up soon. His latest attack on  cremation is to get on the  “Cremation is  not Christian bandwagon”  The Catholic Church has allowed Cremation  for over 40  years.  This  Cremation in the form of Christian Diatribe all takes place in an article in The Christian Century “The holy fire
Cremation: A practice in need of ritual

This in all in spite of the steep rise  of cremation in the USA.

In the Christian Century Article Lynch Describes cremation in a most venomous fashion. Click Here to read.

Speaking in  the typical theological and  funeral ease Lynch presents his arguments leaving you feeling that God Himself  is against cremation.

What may be going on in Lynch’s Article is simply about the promotion of his new book “Apparition & Late Fictions: A Novella and Stories“. Although a novel do not think that the book is not a defense of the traditional Funeral Industry or that there is not a touch of nepotism in the promotion of his new book


Whether cremation is Christian or not really has to do with your personal set of Christian beliefs.Click Now to see  how the personal choice of cremation for the Christian is based on one’s personal brand of Christian belief.

One has to admit though an attack on Cremation in Christian  Social Circles is a an effective  book promotion, albeit a tad bit slimy.

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Your Funeral Guy is not affiliated with Thomas Lynch or his new book.

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