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19 Apr

It is my opinion that the Westboro Baptist Church Feeds on the Media Frenzy

Incredibly the church status of the hate filled  Funeral Protester: Westboro Baptist church keeps them from paying taxes. This according to Fox News. Now sometimes as a Funeral Director I have seen cult like churches behave badly at Funerals. In some cases these churches begin their antics long before a funeral.

The sad part of it all is that often churches good and bad fancy themselves to be special because of their “church” status. People around the USA of all political persuasion are quite upset with “Westboro” the funeral protesting church. Signifiacntly the United States Supreme Court will Here 1st Amendment Rights Case late in 2010 involving the Westboro Baptist Church protest at a military funeral. at a. as they relate to

For more than a decade, members of Kansas’ Westboro Baptist Church have seemed to thrive on the wrath of Americans, dominating the headlines with their provocative protests at funerals of U.S. soldiers and their in-your-face rhetoric aimed at gays and Jews.

Westboro has been accused of being a hate group, but one detail that has been largely overlooked is that, unlike most hate groups, this group is not required to pay taxes because of its status as a religious institution.


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