Do not be fooled|Green Embalming is a plan to keep charging for Embalming|Your Funeral Guy

19 Apr

Bio Embalming, Eco Friendly embalming, green embalming is still EMBALMING money down the GRAVE

Do not be fooled, Green Embalming is a Funeral Industry Plan to keep Charging you for Embalming. So Far there is no solid indication that the line of Eco Friendly is friendly to the environment. Sadly to report that this is a plan to raise your funeral cost.  Embalming Fluid embalms and then degrades in the body after initial preservation. The line of embalming products comes from Champion Company: the leader in th production of the Carcinogin  Based Formaldehyde Products.The Product Line is called Enigma.It is called bio embalming.


On the surface this looks like an attempt to raise the consumers funeral cost and keep cremation from happening, The larger question looms how will(does)l the consumer know what kind of embalming fluid is used?

“When compared to traditional embalming chemicals, funeral homes will pay more for Enigma products, but with proper usage, it should not impact the end cost to purchasers of funeral home services, Bauman said.

With the introduction of Enigma, the company has found an additional opportunity to reintroduce their formaldehyde-free products.

“It’s giving us an opportunity to return to customers who shunned us before, now 15 years later they’re more interested,” Gianakopoulos said’-via Springfield News

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Lesson For the Consumer: You have the right to refuse embalming, Do nor be caught up in Embalming tricks to raise your funeral cost.

2 Responses to “Do not be fooled|Green Embalming is a plan to keep charging for Embalming|Your Funeral Guy”

  1. bradkuchnicki May 12, 2010 at 1:53 pm #

    I understand your concern with “Green Embalming” products, but rest assured it is a step in the right direction. Throughout my 18 year career in the Funeral Industry (including over 3000 embalming cases, 4000 removals and 13 years in management) I question your price point perspective. Rather than just speculating to your readers, you would be far more relevant if you actually passed on real numbers. I would be happy to do that for you if you wish since I do purchase green products and I have a feeling you don’t.
    As far as experience using green products via both Dodge and Champion – where do you actually sit? I can also pass on information about how the firms I worked for and currently work for actually educate consumers when choosing their choice of services. I am also experience in the practicum aspect as well (you don’t even touch upon this). Don’t take it the wrong way, but from reading your blogs, you don’t come across as an expert to me in the funeral industry. I find your writing misleading to the general public and overall lack breadth. I think you would do yourself and your readers a favor if you started to actually speak true numbers, state-by-state laws and examples as opposed to dime store sweeping generalizations. I look forward to some real numbers in the future – back what you say for a change.

  2. yourfuneralguy May 12, 2010 at 4:13 pm #

    The purpose of this blog is to help the consumer in negotiating with Funeral Directors. Consumers do not want to get bogged down in the state by state law. It should be noted that some already have a good break down of State By State Laws.Yes I have experience as a funeral director and as an an embalmer in SEVERAL STATES. I also consult with funeral homes in some states where I do not practice funeral service.This blog is not based upon speculation but upon my experience as a funeral director. Generalization is done here because it gives the funeral consumer a broad perspective and equips the folks to deal with funeral homes and directors, the good, the bad and the ugly.There are beau coup bad apples in funeral service AND THE CONSUMER DESERVES TO BE WARNED. There are sites geared toward funeral directors, and funeral home owners and there is an anti consumer bias present at each. So Funeral Industry Jargon is kept to a minimum at my blogs. There will continue to be little funeral expert jargon here. To some that will make me appear as a non expert.

    Funeral Fraud, And Scandal has been widespread in the USA and horrendous in 2009. For Numbers Check out the end of the year 2009 Blog Posts, plenty of statistics there.

    If You have evidence(numbers) that green embalming is less expensive than the regular priced embalming by all means pass it along to


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