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18 Apr

A while back I did a blog post  about Bruce Conley, an Elburn, Illinois funeral director who is known for his excellence in funeral service, and aftercare programs. Bruce is  dying of Cancer  but is continuing his service and blogging about his struggles.

Snippet  from a Bruce Conley post made April 14th:

The Chemo-Pull is over and together, we did it! As I begin my first week without chemo, we also decided not to wait for mid-May and a visit to Mayo to get regularly scheduled CT scan. The doctors had felt something under my ribs in recent visits and I too was feeling different, so we decided to have a look sooner instead of later. What happened on my birthday, ironically revealed all I needed to know about that scan and loosed in me the permission I had been waiting for.

Please visit Bruce’s blog here:

His website http://www.caringbridge,org has some unique and helpful Charities if you are so inclined.

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Your Funeral Guy has no affiliation or fiduciary relationship with Bruce Conley or Conley Funeral Home.  Your Funeral Guy mentions Conley, for the love and  personal care he has given to families over his long career. Your Funeral Guy became aware of Conley in the 1990’s through friends. Your Funeral Guy operated a business in Elburn. Illinois between 1999 and 2000

As i stated before if even a few had the attitude toward funeral service, as Conley does  there would be little need for Your Funeral Guy Blogs.

Funeral Aftercare is an important topic mentioned in Your Funeral Guy’s book Rest In Peace Insiders Tips to the Low Cost Less Stress Funeral.


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