Giant Cloud of Volcanic Ash Stops Obama From Attending Polish State Funeral| Your Funeral Guy

17 Apr

The Giant cloud of volcanic ash towering over Iceland has prevented  The US President from traveling to Poland safely. Barack Obama will not be attending the State Funeral Of the Polish President Lech Kaczyinski.

The diminished numbers of Heads of State in Attendance, means less press coverage around the world  the less chance of live streaming vide0. Without Obama in Poland, C-Span is not likely to cover the event.

Volcano Ash has caused many Dignataries to cancel their attendance at the Polish President's State Funeral

A giant cloud of volcanic ash, spewed into the sky by an eruption in Iceland and drifting across Europe for the past several days, caused Obama and other high-ranking mourners to cancel their flights to Krakow. But Kaczynski’s family, led by his twin bother, Jaroslaw, insisted the ceremony go ahead, apparently in an attempt to allow normal life to resume in a country that has been seized in mourning.


Volcanic Plume in the clouds photo Árni Sæberg, Icelandic Coast Guard

Smaller Volcano pic via the Charlotte Observer


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