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17 Apr

Volcano Ash has caused many Dignitaries to cancel their attendance at the Polish President's State Funeral

A memorial was held  April 17th for the 96  Victims of the Polish President”s Plane crash that occurred on April 1oth 2010. Over 100,00 people attended a catholic mass held for the victims.

The Polish President Lech Kaczynski’s state funeral and burial will be Sunday. There are significant developments in the attendance of Dignitaries of  at this event. Many Heads of State will not be able to attend the State Funeral and Burial. The Volcano Cloud over Iceland has caused several dignitaries to cancel their travel to the Kaczynski Funeral.  The Skies over Europe are literally shut down.

Here are some details on the Saturday Memorial Service.

A memorial for the 96 victims of last Saturday’s plane crash in which Polish president Lech Kaczynski died was held in Warsaw today, with an estimated 100,000 mourners filling the capital’s Pilsudski Square.

A giant white stage with a large cross in the centre was flanked by photos of the dead, which included Kaczynski’s wife Maria and many other high-ranking members of Poland’s government.

via www.guardian.co.uk

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