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16 Apr

At the Network of Blogs called Your Funeral Guy, we report on the Funeral Media

Some of the old time funeral directors as well as the younger one’s just do not get how the Internet Content Works. If  you post material on line about yourself, your Funeral Business,your Funeral Home,  your corporation or the Funeral Industry at large., you are fair game to be quoted in a snippet with a link. This is not stealing copyrighted materials.  It also quite appropriate for folks to comment on the web  on your content, positively or negatively. It is not Spam.

Posting negatively or stating opinion  about  others content is not personal attack. Many funeral organizations, professionals, and corporations  assume you are slandering them if you make a negative comment about their content or behavior. Some of these Funeral players immediately report negative comments as abuse. This may be do to widespread  over blown Ego’s among Funeral Directors and others in the Industry.

One reason I Blog at WordPress.Com is that they have stricter blogging rules than other blogging platforms.They actually investigate claims of abuse. Over the past three years here I have had one blog deleted by the platform There was a bad source and false content.

Other platforms and  social media sites(many of the popular ones) do not investigate a  report, or only do a superficial investigation, and then ban the site or delete your content, or worse your account.

Comments on those under indictment, investigation by authorities or  involved in a lawsuit are often often off limits for the press or media. The hard reality for some is they are not off limits to the blogger.

Your Funeral Guy reports on the Funeral Media and Funeral Industry Media. Some of these folks are listed here.

What we do here at Your Funeral Guy blogs is comment those who are reporting or giving speeches on funerals and the  American Funeral Industry, or as some say the American Way of death.

Many want  to spin all things funeral for their  own profit

Funeral Industry| Funeral News Funeral Blog by Your Funeral Guy


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