Would you trade a hole in one for a funeral| or doing a funeral plan for a tax rebate?|Your Funeral Guy

14 Apr

Here is a brief tale of two funeral promotions that have taken place in the last week. One promotion involves a Golf outing  another involves your taxes.

A “hole in one” at a golf outing”  is  a promotion that will bring you a free funeral worth about $8,000.00 USD. Now how can a hole in one be connected to your funeral? Ironically the odds of you dying soon are better than those of getting a hole in one for most folks. This promotion took place on April 10th 2010.

A hole in one, win a Funeral

A hole-in-one has likely never been as macabre as it will be this weekend when the Shannon Greens Golf Club hosts the 31st annual Striped Bass Festival Golf Tournament beginning at 9 a.m. today.

The “lucky” golfer who manages this rare shot on the ninth hole will get a free funeral – valued at $8,000 – courtesy of Brunson’s Funeral Home.


“People have been talking about it, and some do think it’s weird,” said David Burton, director of golf for the club. “But people are talking, so we think it’s a great thing.”

via www.theitem.com

There are times I do not  know what is worse Death or Taxes. I have had several close encounters with death  and many death like experiences with taxes. I have been through an IRS Criminal audit, but was not found to be  a criminal in the eyes of Uncle Sam. I have  had the IRS call my place of Employment, only to have the agent transferred to the company gossip who told everyone at my work  about the tax error. Funeralwise.com is running a “death and taxes” promotion where you are entered into a sweepstakes where you may win tax rebate  in 2010. This could give new meaning to the April 15th-Tax Deadline.

plan your Funeral and get a tax rebate?

“Death and taxes are two certainties we all wish we could avoid. People are forced to think about taxes at least once a year, but they can avoid thinking about their mortality almost indefinitely. Yet there are many good reasons why people should do pre-need funeral planning, not the least of which are saving money and reducing the stress when there’s a death in the family,” says Funeralwise.com co-founder Rick Paskin.

The Funeralwise.com “Tax Rebate” sweepstakes is available to U.S. residents, ages 35 and older. Go to http://www.funeralwise.com/tax-rebate-sweepstakes for details and to enter. No purchase is necessary, restrictions apply.

via www.prnewswire.com

Funeral industry|Funeral blog by R.Brian Burkhardt Your Funeral Guy

Your Funeral Guy has no fiduciary relationship and does not  endorse  the whole in one win a free funeral promotion or funeralwise.com and their tax rebate promotion

Funeralwise.com is a funeral home directory site, and sells funeral products that your funeral guy has no knowledge of. These are an examples of unique funeral home promotions.  Funeral Homes always have found it difficult to promote funeral goods and services appropriately.


2 Responses to “Would you trade a hole in one for a funeral| or doing a funeral plan for a tax rebate?|Your Funeral Guy”

  1. Benjamin March 15, 2011 at 12:32 pm #

    Often I feel the same way regarding taxation. I’m with Ron Paul on the issue of the income tax: Abolish it and the IRS entirely, and convert toa strict consumption tax. Simplified code that is fair for everyone.

  2. Julie Boyster October 22, 2013 at 12:35 pm #

    Really good point about thinking about taxes every year, but not a death or funeral until the very end. There needs to be a higher awareness of the importance of planning such a meaningful and higher-costing event so people are more prepared and satisfied.

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