Years? until we find out where Illinois Funeral scam Money went|Your Funeral Guy

13 Apr

IFDA WHERE DID THE MONEY GO?The crimes committed by the Illinois Funeral Directors Association should not go unpunished.

There are many ongoing investigations in the Illinois Funeral Directors Association(IFDA) preneed scandal. Lawsuits are hung up in  the courts. It is being reported that reform legislation is held up in the Illinois legislature.

In the meantime, there is no telling how long consumers will have to wait while the matter still is under investigation. It could be months or years before the Graces and thousands of Illinois residents who prepaid for funerals know where millions of missing trust fund dollars went.


How can funeral directors steal Millions and it take years for the matter to be resolved? Why does it take drawn out investigations  to resolve pre need scandal.( It took decades to find out where the National Prearranged  Services dollars went) As these things drag on  funeral directors  continue steal out of trust funds, and take  unauthorized loans  as Illinois Funeral Directors Association Board Members did.

Time will go on and more Preneed Insurance Scandals will occur. Major players will move on and assume positions of leadership-often times with no resolution of misdeeds.(Look at Randall L Earl a major player in the IFDA Ponzi Scheme who may very soon be president of The National Funeral Directors Association, NFDA).

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The lesson here is clearly to avoid prepaying for a funeral.

pic IFDA logo e-mailed to yourfuneralguy by the Illinois Funeral Directors Association.


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