Death For Beginners|A Your Funeral Guy book review

12 Apr

In 2010 and into 2011 there  is an avalanche Funeral Books and ebooks(funeral) coming onto the scene. One book that I have chosen to review here(there will be more) is the Funeral Planning Book “Death For Beginners”. I received and read  an advance copy of this book. Here are some formal thoughts on this work.

Death for Beginners Your No-Nonsense, Money-Saving Guide to Planning for the Inevitable by Karen Jones Publication Date: June 2010  $12.95 ($13.95 Canada) • Paperback • 226 pages  ISBN 978-1-884995-61-3

Death for Beginners is a book about how to accomplish the difficult but necessary task of planning for your death. It’s a quick “grab, read and workbook “with your life” type of guide, The work is useful to Baby Boomers and their parents, and in a sudden death or illness..

There is not volumes of text or workbook writing involved and there are easy ways to make choices. Step-by-step chapters with bulleted formatted topics are presented. Topics are presented with data, definitions, examples, pros and cons, costs, Internet links, and questions to answer. Streamlined, worksheets that can be ripped and filed make the process simple.

Internet Links to Websites keeps Death for Beginners from becoming a rambling book about death that becomes confusing. If you are interested in the options presented, you can go directly to a website and explore your interests.

Karen Jones is not a funeral industry insider and is not writing with the eyes of a funeral director. Excellent for the every-day-person looking for answers, examples of the costs for services are given, emphasizing practicality and frugality. This provides the reader with valuable information on saving money. Options and topics are presented that do not come up in a traditional funeral arrangement. It presents both the traditional and alternative death and funeral choices.

The work entertains while presenting difficult information, Avoiding funeral lingo, the quips, quick humorous vignettes and sidebars are slightly bizarre yet informative and appreciated.

Death for Beginners respects the individual’s funeral needs. Affordable and easy to use, this book will help you avoid expensive choices made in grief. By easing the emotional and financial burden on loved ones left behind, the work will help with your final events.

Funeral Industry Funeral Blog by Your Funeral Guy R.Brian Burkhardt, Funeral Director Illinois and Virginia, Author of “Rest in Peace Insiders Tips to the Low Cost Less Stress Funeral”

Your Funeral Guy has no fiduciary relationship with “Death for Beginners” or Karen Jones. This  original post was done by your funeral guy, and it may be posted or republished under the creative commons license. Please credit your funeral guy as the original author of the review and do not use the image or review for commercial purposes.


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