Stewart Enterprises May turn to acquisition of Property To Offset Funeral industry Losses |Your Funeral Guy

10 Apr

Stewart Enterprises Inc, went a bragging recently about it’s Q1 slight increase in financial numbers. At the Same time Executive Tom Crawford hinted that STEI, Stewart Enterprises may adopt a property  acquisition strategy like that of Service Corporation International (SCI) and other industry giants to offset losses.

Stewart Enterprises Inc, showed a slight revenue increase in Revenue In it’s 1st Quarter Earnings in 2010. The Revenue Increase is do in part to an  accounting change (put in place in November of 2009)and lower  taxes in the State of Louisiana  where NYSE:STEI is located. However it will take more than a small quarterly increase, or even an outstanding year for any Funeral Corporation to make up for the losses that occurred in Funeral Revenue in 2009.

In perhaps a sign of the company’s improvement, Crawford said Stewart is once again eyeing opportunities for acquisition.

“We had laid off on that but we are ready to go there again,” Crawford said.via

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