Burr Oak Cemetery Scandal-Will names of those in Desecrated Graves be revealed?|Your Funeral Guy

8 Apr

One of the questions that is often asked of me is: Will the full list of names of the Desecrated Dead in the Burr Oak Cemetery Scandal be revealed?

The answer is in all likelihood no. Although there is an ongoing FBI Investigation in this matter, DNA testing has not been done(and will not be done) on all of the bones recovered. It is simply too expensive and logistically impossible.

The Cook County Sheriff has a list posted on line of those graves that are known to be undisturbed.

A dug up list is much more of a mess. There is evidence that graves were dug up under the current owner Perpetua Inc. They are in Bankruptcy proceedings. These current owners do not have the money to complete a complete investigation of the graves that have been dug up.

It is not clear under the bankruptcy court whether new owners or current one will be required to post online a list of those graves or (names) that have been disturbed. The cemetery will be sold at auction sometime soon. We will have to wait and see what happens in the sale.

A former Perpetua Manager of the cemetery Slivy Edmonds Cotton claims that a previous owner disturbed graves going back to the 1990’s. If this is true, and it appears be, there will be no comprehensive listing of people who graves have been dug up.

Word of Mouth evidence suggests graves were disturbed going back to the 1960’s and before which is not good news for a complete listing.

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