Illinois Funeral Director Assoc. Lawsuit leader speaks to Press|YourFuneralGuy

30 Mar

Alex Calvert,  whose Calvert Funeral Homes LLC is the lead name in the Six Funeral Director Class Act Class Action  Lawsuit against the Illinois Funeral Directors Association recently spoke to the press.

His comments were not about the IFDA Preneed Trust  Scandal. Instead he commented on Human Remains (Ashes) left in Funeral Homes.

Leader in IFDA Lawsuit-talks to the press

The key,” says Alex Calvert, director of Calvert & Metzler Funeral Home in Bloomington, and one of more than 35 Calvert homes across Illinois, “is to have a plan with the family (for dispensation of the ashes) and to maintain a communication. We have to make sure people have a plan of what they want to do and that usually works. I’m not saying we’ve not had loved ones stay here for months, but eventually it’s resolved.”


Maybe Mr Calvert (and other Funeral Directors In Illinois) should have had a plan with the IFDA (to keep track of the folks preneed Funds)  and maintained communication so over 100 million dollars would not have been lost and mismanaged.

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