Neptune Society Ad another cremation Marketing Blunder?|YourFuneralGuy

29 Mar

The Neptune Society is running an ad once a month  for the rest of the year in USA Today. This is quite interesting as a  recent marketing blunder is  quite well known in the  the Funeral Industry From late in 2007(not the current ad):


“Complete all of the reply slip information and you will be eligible for a drawing each month.” via

The current ad for 2010 has the phrases “Think outside the Wooden Box” showing a picture of wooden  casket and “leave the world a better place” –The Current Ad:

Many will find this ad offensive, to others it will be comical.

Clearly the ad will not help the Neptune Society and not USA Today.

Last year the Neptune Society was fined 1.2 million by the State Of Colorado, for violations. It is best not to purchase a prepaid, funeral|cremation policy with these people.

Marketing death and cremation is very tricky and many times offends folks.

Ad pictured via

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