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28 Mar

Plastic Caskets come to help with funeral cost in June.

At a  City Council Meeting in Greenville Michigan last fall the city manager joked about Casket personalization, something the funeral industry takes quite seriously.

Clarion technologies plans to continue making furniture, auto parts and plastic Caskets.

Here are some facts on the Plastic Casket, Company Clarion Technologies, of Greenville,Michigan that will be making and selling plastic, marble and wood caskets in June.  These are multi-piece caskets.

Snippet From: Clarion Technologies seeks tax breaks for new product: plastic caskets


Clarion Technologies Inc.
501 S. Cedar St., Greenville

  • Plastic-injection molder, auto parts maker
  • New product: plastic caskets
  • Supplied Electrolux here until 2006
  • Employs 60
  • Expects to add 52 jobs
  • $570,000 investment in new equipment/building upgrade
  • 12-year tax abatement:
  • $22,647 city property tax


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