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27 Mar

A wrong body was sent for cremation, this time in Dayton, Ohio. The Culprit was not a Funeral Home but a Coroner this time. Mortuary and Morgue workers sometimes make this type costly and heartful mistake. Cremations cannot be undone.

One of two Ohio plane crash victims was mistakenly cremated when a county coroner mixed up the victims’ wallets at the crash site.
Dayton, United States – Dr. James Davis, Montgomery County Coroner, acknowledged the mix-up after one family received the wrong personal belongings.

via www.digitaljournal.com

There is nothing that brings on a lawsuit faster in the death care and funeral industry than doing something to a body you are not suppose to. As in this case  what usually happens is that a body is wrongly identified.

That comes down to the wrong toe tag. When you die usually the first thing that happens when you arrive at the funeral home, coroner or medical examiners office is to be given a toe tag. The Toe Tag has your name on it(hopefully).

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