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26 Mar

First there were plastic Burial Vaults, soon there will be plastic caskets. An Auto parts manufacturer  in Michigan saw the writing on the wall and soon there will be plastic caskets available. Very cost friendly 30-40% less than the Traditional Casket.  If funeral directors behave in good faith the cost savings should be passed onto the Consumer.

All this will go along way to lowering funeral costs and expenses,something the public is demanding. It all should begin on June 1st 2010.

Click to View a short video on Plastic Caskets here.

The company is Clarion Technologies, the casket brand will be Commemorative Casket USA.

A Greenville auto parts supplier has found an interesting way to survive the economy. Clarion Technologies Inc., a company specializing in manufacturing plastics for cars and home appliances, is now building caskets.

“It is truly a departure,” said John Brownlow, Chief Operating Officer for the company.

For more than a decade, Clarion Technologies was known for producing parts primarily for the automotive industry. Brownlow says a few years ago it became clear companies like his had to adapt or die.

Absolutely. I think you have to change your mindset. I mean literally, get out the box. Who would have ever thought of this 2 years ago?” he said. “We knew with what was happening in the marketplace we needed to look at different markets. We actually teamed up with a partner who actually developed the product out of Mexico. We were in Mexico at the time. We’ve since closed that facility. We thought it was a good endeavor for expansion and also gave us a product that was truly a manufacturing complete product.”


A Video can be viewed on this here.

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