Richmond Area Funeral Director gets three Years, Embezzling Preneed|Your Funeral Guy

24 Mar

A trusted lower cost funeral director in the Richmond,Virginia will spend three years in prison for embezzling preneed Insurance funds. This is truly sad as the man was trusted and promoted in the community by a prominent minister.

A well-known former Henrico County funeral home operator who embezzled tens of thousands of dollars entrusted to him for pre-need burial plans will serve three years in prison.

Circuit Judge Catherine C. Hammond said the duration of Jordan’s pilferage — from 2005 until 2007 — and the number of victims — at least 20 families — warranted a substantial prison sentence. Sentencing guidelines ranged from two to five years.

Jordan, who had been free on bond, was taken from the courtroom in handcuffs.


It is best not to purchase a preneed funeral contract in advance. Just because a funeral director is honest once does not mean they will be honest every time. There is prepaid funeral scandal after funeral scandal every week in the United States. And usually when it happens the local community is shocked. If you purchase Funeral preneed it is always best to check up on your money.

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