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22 Mar
Police departments in Atlanta, Las Vegas  and Los Angeles are  eliminating Funeral Escorts. This is another sign of the declining Funeral Industry.Chicago is still doing police escorts for funerals when Large crowds are involved. Police Escorts in smaller cities have pretty much gone away.
Funeral Escorts by motorcycle police officers can be quite awesome. While working in Northern Virginia I often would lead funerals from Fairfax and Falls Church into Arlington National Cemetery with mourners waving flags along the way. It made  the family feel like royalty. It is a very sad thing to see  the Funeral Escort service go away.
Police departments just do not have it in their budget in the current economic environment. Municipalities have accumulating debt.
Most Police Departments are willing to do escorts for police officers,  firefighters and veterans who are killed in action. Some departments are continuing to do police escorts for Five Car Funeral Processions
Snippet from USA today:
“When the police department in Gulfport, Miss., recently ended long funeral processions by limiting them to five vehicles, the news was not well-received by some residents, who saw it as killing a cherished tradition.

“We could either limit the number of vehicles, or not do (funeral escorts) at all,” explained Lt. Brian Smith, head of the city’s traffic unit.

Police-escorted funeral processions for ordinary citizens are a rarity in big cities in the USA, and increasingly so in smaller cities.

Liability and staffing concerns have prompted several police departments in large metropolitan areas to stop providing the escorts. Police in Atlanta, Charlotte, N.C., Miami, Minneapolis, Las Vegas and Los Angeles said this week they no longer provide escorts, except for police officers, firefighters or military personnel killed in battle.

In most large cities, funeral escorts are provided by private companies that contract with funeral homes, or by the funeral homes themselves.


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It was disheartening to see USA Today Quote Randall L Earl a main player in the Illinois  Funeral Directors Association Ponzi Scheme. Earl is currently with the NFDA.


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