Preneed Insurance could pay two funerals instead of one|YourFuneralGuy

10 Mar

A Preneed Funeral Arrangement is a contract, it is not wise to participate

Funerals .org has outlined a funeral complaint about preneed insurance. Incredibly insurance premiums total more than twice the cost of a funeral. The Funeral industry needs to stand up and take note of this complaint.

This presents us with a concrete example of the Dangers of funeral preneed. Your Funeral Guy has seen first hand the horrors of the preneed company mentioned below and has refused to work for this  funeral preneed firm  firm

Another example of the financial dangers of prepaid funerals. This Iowa couple was shocked to discover they’d have to pay almost $28,000 in insurance premiums for funerals that would cost only $14,000. Read their complaint-

After sending more than $11,000 to Homesteaders Insurance over the past four years, we recently decided to see what the exact balance due would be. The funeral home told us to call the insurance company. We were shocked to learn from Homesteaders that we hadbeen locked into a 10-year payment plan at the rate of $230.83 a month. At that rate, we would have to pay $27,699.60, about double of what the actual funerals would cost.


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