Funeral Directors meeting Could give Consumers a Panic attack-Your Funeral Guy

8 Mar

Funeral Directors meeting in San Antonio(March 10-13th) at the ICCFA(International Cemetery Cremation and Funeral Association) Convention.  could give you  a “The Funeral Consumer” a panic attack. There is a social media seminar happening there led a “funeral guru” who is  an  ex con who is vice president of a funeral collection company(not making this up). He will be  teaching  funeral directors to contact you via social media so as to raise Your Funeral Cost and do other things. (HE EVEN TELLS OF A FUNERAL DIRECTOR WHO DOES COLLECTIONS ON FACE BOOK) Another seminar teaches those same funeral guys how to raise the cost of a cremation, the consumers lower cost funeral option.

HOW FAR WILL THESE GUYS GO? YOU will be shocked. It is like revisting the America Way of Death.

It is almost like reading the classic book on the American Funeral Industry All over again.

The American Way of Death Revisited by Jessica Mitford.  Gleefully sarcastic muckraking expose of the American funeral industrial complex.

I have read books that scared me, made me laugh or made me cry. This is the only book I have ever read that gave me a panic attack.

This book opened my eyes to the very real and horrifying idea that my death is viewed by an industry as an opportunity to milk every last possible penny from my grieving family.


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