Funeral Industry Decline:Casket sales 80,000 Less in 09|YourFuneralguy

18 Feb

Batesville Casket Sold less coffins  in 2009 according to the CEO. This is due to a rise in Cremation. The CEO sees a decline in traditional burials and a continual rise in cremation over the next decade.

Batesville Casket is showing the world a traditional funeral industry decline.


Raver said he expects the burial market to decline one to two percentage points a year for the next decade. In fiscal 2009, in fact, the industry sold 80,000 fewer caskets than the year before.


One would think that the sale of the company’s  cremation line would have helped the situation. But this is not the case. People are not going for the higher priced urns and cremation products.

All this as predicted in the work “Rest in Peace Insiders Tips to the Low Cost Less Stress Funeral

For the past 20 years Batesville Casket Company and NYSE: HI, has somewhat  encouraged Funeral Homes to take advantage of the folks in their grief.  There was no protest from this company when certain Funeral Homes marked up their casket prices over 200%.

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