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14 Feb

Batesville  Casket has entered into another non casket business. This time it is grief publishing, In the  past  several months the ailing casket maker has  entered the burial vault  business(Goria Burial Vault), the manufacturing business(K-Tron), the obituary business(ObitLink), and  now grief publishing with Alan D.Woefelt, Ph.D.

Batesville Casket branching out beyond the casket.

Renowned grief educator Alan D. Wolfelt Ph.D., has collaborated with Batesville Management Services to develop the Helping Series, a set of brochures that offers assistance to mourners in coping with specific types of death and grief responses. The Helping Series is used by hundreds of hospices and funeral homes throughout North America.


The search  occurred in google real time search on February 14th, 2010. It is unclear from the web site how long the association with grief publishing  has been going on. One thing is certain the antics of Batesville Casket Co. have only been recently reported here and several other places online. Making alliances with others in the funeral industry and  getting funeral homes to do high  mark ups on  their caskets has worked for years. The availability of information on the internet has recently brought NYSE:HI marketing strategies into the light.

The recent patterns with Hillenbrand,Inc, NYSE:HI all point to funeral industry decline, even if there is a net income gain from the 2009 Batesville financial disaster, it will take several years of growth for the company to recover-this is the opinion of your funeral guy.

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Batesville Casket TRUCK PIC from Flickr under the creative commons license from

pecanpieguy’s photostream


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