Revealed The Digital Funeral Arrangement

10 Feb

Digital Assets, Digital Executor, Digital Destruction are soon to be apart of every Funeral.

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Certain  Digital Assets need  a plan, upon your death. It used to be when someone died a friend or relative  would go into the deceased’s house and find all the important papers, and do the right thing.

A Facebook profile is a digital asset that has to be dealt with when someone dies.

Today the situation is a little bit more complex. One needs to go into their computer and retrieve important information. This is far more difficult when those who come behind you do not have the appropriate passwords or login information.

Passwords and logins are needed for websites, blogs,  online financial information, business records kept on line, e-mail accounts etc.

In many cases a digital executor needs to appointed in advance.When dealing with this information one needs to consider password strength and password privilege.

There are 4 types of Digital Information that need to be dealt with and handled.

1.Innocent information, may be photos you have purchased online, family photos on your computer, archived articles and video you may have collected that is essentially non-private information. One usually wants to pass on this unsecured information

2.Specific information that you want to be used at your funeral such as your funeral plan, obituary information, videos for the funeral etc. Generally this information should be immediately accessible and not be subject to  data, security arrangements.-You need a digital executor like an executor of a will to handle this.

3. Secure information such as E-mail, Social Media, financial accounts, bank, websites,  blogs passwords etc These are Digital assets, that a digital executor has to deal with.

4. Information you do not want others to see, to be destroyed. This can be anything from E-mails from old girl friends or things of A Darker nature.-Digital Destruction

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