Pennsylvannia Gov.(D) Rendell Trying to increase Funeral Costs-YourFuneralGuy

10 Feb

The Pennsylvannia Governor Ed Rendell is trying to increase funeral costs in that state by adding a a sales tax on funerals. In a new legislative proposal the governor of PA wants to join 37 other states with a sales tax on the funeral.

“Since 1963, families in Pennsylvania have paid for a funeral without paying sales tax. Under the budget proposed by Gov. Ed Rendell on Tuesday, sales tax would be added to caskets and funeral costs.

Rendell’s proposed budget would reduce Pennsylvania’s sales tax from 6 to 4 percent, but the tax will apply to more goods and services — including funerals.”-Via Pocono Record

Another case of increasing taxes under the guise of lowering them. This time the target is funeral cost

Ultimately this sort of thing causes a rise in funeral cost(funeral expenses) to the consumer through the raising of funeral prices as well.

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