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1 Feb

In the Last Day of the Democratic Campaign for Illinois Governor Quinn is screaming  at Hynes “Cover up” in 2 Illinois Funeral Scandals. Scandal #1: The Burr Oak Cemetery Grave Desecration.  Scandal #2 the Illinois Funeral Directors Preneed Ponzi Scheme.

The smoking gun for Dan Hynes appears to be a memo that surfaced Friday(Jan. 29th)  in  Channel 7 news report. The memo shows that  Comptroller Hynes office knew of body desecration and grave stacking at Burr Oak Cemetery in 2003.

Hynes had no regulatory authority in “Cemetery Operations” but could have turned the matter over to law enforcement.

The same is true in the Great  Illinois Funeral Directors Association  Preneed ponzi scheme. Hynes had limited authority in that insurance scam  and choose not to turn the matter over to law enforcement or prosecution early on.

Funeral  and Cemetery fraud should always be prosecuted, That said the memo shows that the perpetrators(coverup) in Burr Oak are  Perpetua and  Manager Silvy Cotton.

In The IFDA Preneed Trust Scam the perpetrators(coverup) was done by the association ‘s leadership.

Unfortunately For Dan Hynes the Burr Oak Cemetery Scandal may well be the most horrific in the nations history, and the IFDA Preneed Insurance scam is the greatest insurance scam in the history of the State of Illinois.

These scandals spelled well publicized catastrophe and happened under the Comptrollers watch. He had limited regulatory authority in each matter which makes it look like a coverup.  This situation for “Hynes” may  cost him the governorship. Quinn knows knows these facts but is using them to his advantage…..

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All summed up at the Capitol Fax Blog.…quoting Quinn’s spokesperson.

“Over the past months, as the scandal at Burr Oak Cemetery and the $100 million collapse of a statewide pre-need funeral trust fund have unfolded, Comptroller Hynes has repeatedly covered up,


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