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31 Jan

It appears that some  Illinois Politicians are trying to throw Dan Hynes into the Cremation chamber.

Political Leaders tried to cremate  candidate Hynes on the Burr Oak Cemetery Scandal at an SEIU Rally Saturday. The Burr Oak Cemetery Scandal, may be the worst in the Nations History.

Evidence Surfaced that Hynes knew about the Scandal in 2003 on Friday Night in both a  Burr Oak Cemetery Memo and a Illinois Office of Comptroller(IOC) Memo.

Quinn keeps hammering on Hynes incompetence on the Burr cemetery situation in a tv ad.

Hynes said he tried to encourage the owner of Burr Oak Perpetua  Inc. to do the right thing. but the revealed memo shows a cover up  of Grave desecration by the Company.

We tried to point [Perpetua] in the right direction to make sure they were following proper channels,” Hynes said.


Hynes  “not my job” response in the Burr Oak Cemertery Scandal  may cost him  the nomination for Governor. Political candidates are not the real culprits here, but  the Perpetua Company  and it’s owners are.

Following a get-out-the-vote rally with members of the Service Employees’ International Union, Quinn alleged Hynes knew of improper disposal of human remains and didn’t do anything about it.

“They were given specific information that they knew, that they acknowledge there were human remains not properly disposed of at the cemetery,” Quinn said. “Now the proper thing to do would have been to immediately investigate that, as he did with other cemeteries in Illinois, but they decided not to do anything. And I think they owe the people an explanation for why not and an apology for not acting properly.”

Rush, an African-American congressman from the South Side, said Hynes’ failure to act earlier was a disservice to the black community.

“He was so uncaring, so callous, so cavalier that he didn’t even lift a finger. Didn’t bat an eye, didn’t do anything,” Rush said. “The gall of this man to come now to ask for our votes for governor– when he has been probably the most callous comptroller in the history of this country when it relates to the pain and suffering of our community.”


Congressman Bobby Rush introduced  “FUNERAL AND CEMETERY REFORM”National Legislation after the Burr Oak Cemetery Scandal.

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