US Funeral Directors want Non Traditional Sellers regulated-Your Funeral Guy

28 Jan

The National Funeral Directors Association NFDA wants non traditional sellers regulated-They even went as far as to name Walmart and Walmart and Amazon are selling Caskets online.

This was all done in testimony before Congress on January 27th 2009 by the NFDA executive treasurer, Randall L Earl. The hearing was on the Bereaved Consumers Bill of Rights Act  Initiated by Congressman Bobby Rush.

Earl is a controversial figure named in Lawsuits and investigations in the Illinois Funeral Directors Association  IFDA Trust Ponzi Scheme. In Spite of these allegations he continues to serve on the Executive Board.

The Funeral Industry in the United States is in decline because of the rise of non traditional alternative funeral

In his testimony, Earl stated: “NFDA believes this bill outlines for the FTC a rule that we have long argued was necessary, given a dramatically changed marketplace, with new and non-traditional sellers offering many more choices for consumers to purchase funeral or burial goods or services, and the risks they take in dealing with them in a lightly or even unregulated environment.”-Via NFDA Facebook Notes

The fact that the traditional funeral guys are in an uproar over nontraditional funerals is good for the funeral consumer.

Non traditional funerals mean less than the average cost of a funeral for consumers,

The entire Funeral industry is trending to the lower cost funeral.

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The Bereaved Consumers Bill Of Rights Act came about because of the Burr Oak Cemetery Scandal


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