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28 Jan

Brittany Murphy's Husband plans to sue Warner Brothers

The Young Movie star Brittany Murphy who died December 20th 2009, Husband plans to sue Warner Brothers for kicking her off the set of a movie.

Simon Monjack, Brittany Murphy’s balding, heavy husband (hey, his words, not ours), says he will sue Warner Brothers for triggering a fatal heart attack in Murphy when it dropped her from the sequel to “Happy Feet,” according to the Daily Beast.

“They killed her,” Monjack tells the website’s Gerald Posner. “It’s a cruel town … You’re disposable as an actress or actor.”


Evidently Simon Monjack needs someone to blame. We never q1uite know the day or the hour when we are to leave the earth. Brittany Murphy as dropped from the Net Happy Feet Movie.  Death Lawsuits generally complicate the grief process when some one dies. A wrongful death lawsuit  is  not helpful unless there is a crime involved.

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Brittany Murphy Pic from flickr under the creative commons license from

El_Enigma’s photostream

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