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27 Jan

Cremation as a means of  disposal of a (loved one) the dead varies by country worldwide. Religion is a factor. In Islam it is forbidden.The Jewish folks generally frown on it. Hinduism and Buddhism encourage cremation. In the United States cremation is growing rapidly causing a decline in the Traditional Funeral  Industry. In Japan cremations are required by law.

Cremations are growingin poularity around the World.

Cremation can lower your funeral cost significantly.

Cremation is irreversible so this option needs to be considered carefully based upon one’s 0wn beliefs.

Cremation will always allow you to come in under the average cost of a funeral.

Culture usually dictates the popularity of cremation.

When choosing cremation it is best to have an understanding of the cremation process.

When ashes are returned to the family there are thousands of options on what can be done with the ashes.

The Three Basic options for the  ashes for a family are burial, scattering or personal  keepsake storage.

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