OUTRAGE-National Funeral Directors Assoc.| Ponzi Scam Man (Earl) to Testify before Congress-YourFuneralGuy

25 Jan

It is being reported that one of the Leaders involved  in the Great Illinois Funeral Association Ponzi Scheme  will testify before Congress on behalf of the National Funeral Directors Association, NFDA. on Cemetery Reform.

According  to AHN(ALL  HEAD LINE NEWS), Randall L Earl, a key player in the IFDA TRUST PONZI SCHEME  will testify before  The House Subcommittee on Energy and Commerce, Wednesday.$100 million dollars is gone from the IFDA trust.

The Hearing is on the Bereaved Consumers Bill of Rights Act which will extend  the Federal Trade Commissions FUNERAL RULE to cemeteries. This all came about because of the Burr oak Cemetery Scam

The fact that the NFDA Would send Randall Earl, their treasurer has foul political smells and is a total


Earl is implicated in  theft, misappropriation of Funds, by the now defunct IFDA Services in the Illinois Funeral Directors Association PONZI SCHEME.

Earl’s resignation has been called for here. Even ConnectingDirectors com a mouth piece for the Traditional Funeral Industry has questioned Earl’s integrity.

Other Leaders in the Funeral Industry have called for Earl,s resignation.

Specifically Earl has been accused of misappropriating TRUST FUNDS to the Illinois Museum of Funeral Customs.(owned and operated by the IFDA)

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One Response to “OUTRAGE-National Funeral Directors Assoc.| Ponzi Scam Man (Earl) to Testify before Congress-YourFuneralGuy”

  1. zoe2005 January 25, 2010 at 9:40 pm #

    Well the whole problem is that you have the fox guarding the henhouse. Some of the same people who made the mess are now trying to clean it up. A Merril Lynch employee gives IFDA shady investment advice, and Merril Lynch is named trustee to administer the trust. That makes no sense. The comptroller’s office is also to blame. They notified IFDA years ago that IFDA was charging too much for administrative fees. IFDA continued withholding the same fee amounts and the Comptroller’s office did not pursue it. IFDA hires Roland Burris to lobby the comptroller’s office. Now Burris and Hynes are both democrat hacks. They are career politicians. They watch out for each other. And now our legislature passes SB 1682. Funeral homes can no longer simply put pre-need monies in a cd at the local bank. We have to use banks with trust departments. Of course, only big banks that contribute heavily to our elected representatives, have the proper trust departments to take care of these funds. So the community banks get left out in the cold. A band cd is FDIC insured so the funds are safe. Funeral homes get audited every year, so the funds are overseen by the Comptroller. Would that not be a simpler short-term solution until this all gets worked out

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