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22 Jan

The Walter Cronlite Funeral Is an Example of Funeral WebcastingFuneral webcasting is alive and looks well but it may soon be almost  free. It may sound a little scary but some who cannot make it to the funeral live in person a webcast is an alternative. The technology is also known as live streaming video. C-Span use it for the Walter Cronkite Funeral.

This technology has been around for a while and been used by the news media for quite some time. Over the past several years Funeral Homes have come to rely on the Memorial DVD for income. No they are adding a  webcast  to add money to their coffers(Coffins):-).

However the advent of html 5 in 2010 and the elimination the need for ” flash  technology” could very well make livestreaming video available to the common man. Some families are videoing funerals themselves and putting them up on blogs. One Free blog site on the web, will reformat any video (Funeral or other wise). This enables families to take video and put the funeral on web as soon as the  funeral service is over. The cost here is less even if you rent video equipment or hire a video expert.


  • Cheaper broadband is drawing more people to the Web as a community forum.
  • Webcasts captures the same views as funeral attendees.
  • The future could make it possible for viewers to participate live.

If webcasting a funeral seems a little, well, ghoulish to you, you’re not alone. The decade-old service has been a hard sell to most funeral directors until recently. But the advent of cheaper broadband, the financial strain of travel and deployments to Iraq and Afghanistan have all contributed to increased use of the Web as a tool to connect loved ones during such times of need.”via

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