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21 Jan

Haiti’s Mass Graves Swell as Earthquake Victims go untreated. Reports say that 10,000  each a day are being buried in Mass Graves in Haiti.

Click Here  link to the Latest Mass grave and Burial Video( Video is is excellent, but with no direct posting to blogs)

Workers say they have no time at the Mass Graves to give the dead proper religious burials. No rituals are followed at Mass Burials. Pleas from the international community that bodies be buried in shallow graves from which loved ones might eventually retrieve them, go unheeded.

Haitian Mass Burials:We just Dump them in and Fill it Up

“We just dump them in, and fill it up,” said Luckner Clerzier, 39, who was helping guide trucks to another grave site farther up the road.

via www.news24.com

The Death Toll is now estimated at 200, 000 with 80,000 in Mass Graves. The international community is requesting that the dead be deposited in shallow graves so that they can be identified later. It is quite and understatement to say Funeral Directors are needed in Haiti. The US National Funeral Directors Association refused to give an immediate response to this crisis.

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