Batesville Casket launches it’s ObitLink Service(Buyer beware)-YourFuneralGuy

20 Jan

Batesville products will make for Extra Expenses at Your Funeral

Batesville Casket has launched it’s ObitLink service. With it comes a new source of income for the struggling casket maker, “The Online obituary”  In effect Batesville Casket  has it’s own version of Funeral Packages which are often used by the Funeral Industry through  Funeral Homes to increase your funeral cost. Purchasing a Batesville “Funeral Package” through their online memorial service will raise Consumer Funeral expenses and keep a family’s funeral cost above the  average cost of a funeral.

Batesville has partnered with in this endeavor. handles most of obituaries placed in newspapers in North America by storing the obituaries on the Internet.

This simply an attempt by Hillenbrand(NYSE HI) to raise the consumer Funeral Prices. The Funeral Consumer should not purchase an Online Memorial package or pay for on online Obit. Excellent Free Services are available. This  product comes through the Casket Company’s ConnectivitySuite.


“Online memorialization packages are available for funeral homes to offer to families. These packages offer advanced memorialization options that take full advantage of the latest Web technology, including a memorial website with the ability for visitors to interact through posted comments, pictures, video and music. Families even get a professionally printed and bound book as a keepsake of all of the information shared on their memorial site.- Source Batesville.

Batesville Casket Co Has had to go outside the Casket sale to make money(Increase Revenue).

Funeral Industry|Funeral News|Funeral Blog by Your Funeral Guy, Funeral Director, Illinois and Virginia

This is Batesville Casket Co third attempt to gain revenue outside the casket sale. 1 First there was the Goria Vault purchase, 2. the K-Tron purchase and now ObitLink.

The fact that Batesville Casket has to go outside the Casket Sale for revenue is an indication of Funeral Industry Decline.


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