US State Department said No help For Haiti Dead, US Funeral Directors contradict Fox-YourFuneralGuy

19 Jan

Mass Grave In Haiti -Photo Credit Dominic Narr

Last Thursday a State Department Official told Fox News that their position was “no help for The Haiti Dead.” The National Funeral Directors Association Last week said “No we are Not Giving  Immediate help with Haiti Dead”


There is a long statement at from the NFDA

The Haitian government has taken control of the mortuary response in Haiti and has not asked for or authorized assistance from any government or private organization. NFDA expressed outrage and concern to federal officials about media reports of how the Haitian government is handling the large number of casualties.

o The federal government and mass-fatality response community share NFDA’s concern and displeasure and are working to communicate this to Haitian officials.via

In spite of early refusals to help with the HAITI EARTHQUKE dead from the NFDA and The US State Department, Mass Burials and the sad treatment of the dead are solely a Haitian Government Problem!

Now as the horror of mass graves and burials has been shown to the world, The government of Haiti is the problem.

If the Haitian Government was told no help for the dead by the US State Department and US Funeral Directors,  Were they wrong in Picking up the dead with dump trucks and doing the best they can? They are the one’s doing the deed so they shoulder some responsibility.

But, if that is all the  the resources they have, and they were told no help is on the way………..

As I have stated at this blog all three The Haitian Government, The US State Department (and  USAID) as well as the US National Funeral Directors Association All share responsibility for the Horrible Mass Burials  and Mass Graves in Haiti.

The NFDA and maybe the Federal Government are truly backpedaling, which is pretty normal for the named parties.

Here is the statement From Fox News that contradicts what The US National Funeral Directors Association Said above about the  NFDA &Federal Government wanting to help

The U.S. Agency for International Development……… told that the grisly task of body identification and burial rests in the hands of Haitian authorities.

“USAID traditionally has nothing to do with that,” spokeswoman Gina Jackson said in an interview Thursday, adding that the agency remains focused on rescue efforts — not recovery — as it digs through the rubble for survivors.

“If there are morgues in existence right now, they’re being constructed by the Haitians — not us,” she said. “That’s not traditionally our role.”

No community anywhere in the world is prepared for thousands and thousands of fatalities,” State Department spokesman P.J. Crowley told on

Finger pointing is “Not Becoming of any Organization ” especially the National Funeral Directors Asssociation who is suppose to lead the way with respect for the dead. The blame game is quite common at the US State Department, located at foggy bottom in Washington DC.

United States Funeral Directors pride themselves  on always being willing to help immediately when someome dies.But this was not the case when they received the FIRST CALL from Haiti!

Funeral Industry| Funeral News Blog by R.Brian Burkhardt, Your Funeral Guy, Funeral Director, Illinois an Virginia.

Now Batesville Casket Co could send their  unsold caskets? Probably Not.

FYI: First Call is  Funeral Industry Jargon-Funeral Directors reading this blog should be ashamed of the NFDA, National Funeral Directors Association

Haiti Earthquake Aftermath: Dump truck dumping dirt, human remains and debris in Mass Grave

Photo Credit Mass Grave From WSJ online.

NFDA logo via

Haiti Earthquake Mass Grave dump truck image source Mass Grave-Photo source: JONATHAN TORGOVNIK/ FOR CNN via


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