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19 Jan

The New Cemetery Law In Illinois leaves no Gravestone unturned. Every Burial site in the state will be mapped out and put into a statewide database. It will be next to impossible to desecrate a grave or move a headstone. Grave sites will not be able to be resold while occupied.

Illinois is now a National Leader in Cemetery Reform with the Cemetery Oversight Act. The Law was signed by Governor Pat Quinn on Sunday, January 17th 2010

There are five main reforms:

1.Cemetery owners, managers and customer service employees will have to be licensed.

2.Regulatory agency will conduct audits

3.Regulatory agency will issue fines of up to $10,000 for violations such as poor grounds upkeep or failing to keep burial maps.

With the Cemetery Oversight Act Illinois has become a National Leader in Regulating Cemeteries and Cemetery Reform

4. There will be a State Wide Burial Database keeping track of every burial in the state. This will prevent desecration of graves and reburials.

5. There will be a place for consumers to file  complaints. This is important in preventing abuse. Consumers and Whistleblowers will be protected.

HB 1188 came in response to the Burr Oak cemetery scandal in July. Investigators revealed that bodies buried in Burr Oak, a historic African-American cemetery in Alsip, were moved and dumped into a mass grave in an apparent scheme to resell individual grave sites. Four cemetery employees have been charged in connection with the scam.


Click Here to View The Cemetery Oversight Act

The Illinois Cemetery Oversight Act Leaves no Gravestone Unturned

Below is a video Link explaining the new cemetery law in Illinois, the Cemetery Oversight Act. This law was created in response to the Burr Oak  Cemetery scandal. This law is the first of it’s kind in the United States of America and promises Illinois Residents that there never will be a Burr Oak Cemetery Scandal again. It is a shining light in a dark place in our society.

Click Here for Illinois Cemetery  Oversight Act Video courtesy of WGN TV channel 9 Chicago

Burr Oak Cemetery Scandal brought cemetery reform to Illinois

Snippet on the current status of Burr Oak Cemetery:

Cook County Sheriff Tom Dart, whose office first brought the scandal to light, said investigators are still sorting out records but there are concerns the cemetery is over capacity. He said his office has suggested the current cemetery operators slow the pace of burials as the investigation continues.

“Especially at this cemetery, there’s no room for error any more,” Dart said.


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