Guaranteed Funeral Preneed Insurance still Dead-Don’t Buy-Your Funeral Guy.

18 Jan

Guaranteed Preneed Insurance is still dead. Be sure not to buy it. They may tell you you can lock in today’s prices for Your Funeral- It is simply not true.

It is a lie courtesy of many Funeral Directors and Funeral | Cemetery Providers.

Who shot preneed?

The American consumer has been indoctrinated since 1972- YOU CAN LOCK IN TODAY’S  PRICES FOR YOUR FUNERAL BabyBoomers still want this. Funeral Directors want to give it to the Consumers. It is called the prepaid funeral.

Problem#1-The guarantee is gone! It does not exist.

Problem #2-Funeral Prices could go down

With the Wall Street Meltdown and  current job and economic crisis  “NO ONE ANYWHERE CAN GUARANTEE ANY INVESTMENT.

Buyer beware. Making this investment  purchase assumes funeral prices will always go up. With the rise of Cremation-and the continuing collapse of the traditional funeral industry-FUNERAL PRICES COULD GO DOWN!

Your relatives or significant others can negotiate down your funeral cost at the time of your funeral.

Click Here to See Who Shot Preneed.When purchasing funeral or cemetery preneed the funeral or cemetery provider and|or the insurance company gets the interest on Your Money.

Prepaying for anything funeral or cemetery is not wise in the current economic environment.

This is an Original Your Funeral Guy Post with funeral cost advice on coming in under the average cost of a funeral

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