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17 Jan

Mass Burials are continuing in Haiti. The tragedy continues. The President of that poor nation has stated that at least 7,000 people have been buried in  Mass  Burials and Graves. The number is probably a lot higher.

Click Here to see a video on mass burials in Haiti

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The race to bring  food and water to the living may soon be overshadowed by the race to get the dead into the ground. This will prevent the spread of the most deadly diseases.

Poor neighborhood in Haiti from

The National Funeral Directors Association and the United States Government could have come together and provided assistance in burying the dead. Sadly the United States Funeral Directors through the   The National Funeral Directors Association refused a much needed immediate response.

Mass burials continued in Haiti for a second straight day today as the devastation continues, three days after a 7.0 earthquake.

Yesterday, the Haitian president Rene Preval reported that 7,000 people had been buried in mass graves.

From all indication that figure has gone up significantly, but no precise numbers have been provided.

It’s a situation that is expected to continue in Haiti over the next few days as rescue workers rush against time to prevent widespread infections from the bodies still on the streets.

Dumper trucks and front-end loaders are being used to help with the mass burials.


Sadly the second decade of the 21st century has begun with a terrible Haitian Earthquake that involves mass burials.

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