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17 Jan

Burr Oak Cemetery Scandal brought cemetery reform to Illinois

In Illinois State wide Cemetery reform passed the Illinois Legislature and went to the Governor this past week. This  is  a significant step toward stopping Funeral and Cemetery Scandal in the State of Illinois.

The governor of the State Pat Quinn praised the  legislation in his State of the State address.

When it becomes law there will be changes to help the funeral and cemetery consumer in Illinois.

Here area few of the changes that will take place in Illinois when the bill becomes law:

1.Cemetery owners, managers and customer service employees would have to be licensed,

2.Regulatory agency will conduct audits

3.Regulatory agency will issue fines of up to $10,000 for violations such as poor grounds upkeep or failing to keep burial maps.

In the aftermath of a widely publicized scandal at Burr Oak Cemetery, the Illinois House voted Wednesday to toughen regulation and improve oversight of state cemeteries.

Gov. Quinn all but signed the legislation during his State of the State speech, applauding the act as important reform…..

Under the bill sparked by Burr Oak, all cemetery workers will be required to register with the state, and owners, managers and customer service employees would have to be licensed. The bill also places cemetery oversight under the governor’s authority, taking it away from the state comptroller’s office.


The Citizens of the State of Illinois have spoken. No Burr oak Cemetery Scandal ever again.

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