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17 Jan

The State of Illinois has passed the Cemetery Oversight Act

The Governor of the State of Illinois Pat Quinn has signed the Illinois Cemetery Oversight Act. This was done on  the recommendation of the Cemetery Oversight Task Force after public hearings in Illinois in 2009 on the Burr Oak Cemetery Scandal.

This is a leap forward  for the Funeral and Cemetery Consumers in the State of Illinois.

The Burr Oak  Cemetery Scandal occurred in  July 2009. This was a horrific situation in which over 300 graves were desecrated funds were pocketed from consumers. Four  people were arrested in this Scandal.

This Act will make Illinois one of the leading pro-consumer states with respect to cemetery oversight,” said Joshua Slocum, Executive Director of the Funeral Consumers Alliance.-via

Under the new Law Managers of private,cemeteries(non religious)  are required to obtain a license through the state. To obtain the cemetery  license, applicants must pass an exam, provide evidence of character, and comply with continuing education requirements.

A  “Worker’s Statement,”  is require for other Cemetery workers.detailing ones work history and other evidence of character.

The act also requires the creation of a statewide database to keep record of every burial. This will assist future generations in finding the location of a loved one’s remains and will help the state discover unlawful re-burials. It also requires cemeteries to post a sign in their office that contains the IDFPR consumer hotline number and information on how to file a complaint.via

Some of the activities the Cemetery Oversight Act prohibits are

unprofessional conduct

charging for services not performed


failure to properly  maintain the cemetery grounds.

You can read more on the Historic Regulations of this new law here.

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The law is somewhat limited in it’s scope because it does not apply to religious Cemeteries.


One Response to “Illinois Governor Quinn Signs Cemetery Oversight Act-YourFuneralGuy”

  1. gannzter January 18, 2010 at 1:12 am #

    Such a response from the State of Illinois is somewhat impressive. I am slightly surprised that such legislation is not in place already. The Burr Oak scandal was very surprising for me however coming from the perspective of a person in Nigeria. The state of our cemeteries in Nigeria are extremely terrible but it was assumed that it was only so because the nation is a developing country, the Burr Oak cemetery scandal was slightly disturbing but this response from the State of Illinois is relieving.

    If only the Nigerian Government and the various states could learn from the rapid response of the State of Illinois. The State of cemeteries in Lagos Nigeria can be easily observed in our blog

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