Even With The Stench of Haiti Dead, US Funeral Directors: Offer No Immediate Help-Your Funeral Guy

15 Jan

The National Funeral Directors Association NFDA, the primary funeral directors association, is offering no immediate help to the  Haitian Earthquake Dead! Their reasoning, it is not safe, communication is out.

They are stating they need time  to set up a response. Meanwhile  Haiti needed help burying their dead yesterday! It is safe enough for the major news organizations, Fox News, CBS, etc. What is needed only a few things, passports, satellite phones and Funeral Directors on a plane to Port-Au-Prince.

The NFDA also knows(as any Funeral director does) that the Decomposing dead bodies  are a real disease threat to the survivors of the Haiti Earthquake! THE TIME FOR COORDINATED EFFORT IS NOW!

Haiti Earthquqke Damage From Flickr.com

Here is the NFDA’s sad statement.

“Numerous members of NFDA have expressed interest in traveling to Haiti to assist with DMORT operations and to help local funeral directors preserve the dignity of those who died. At this time, NFDA staff is working with the Department of Homeland Security, the Department of Health and Human Services and the Haitian Consulate to determine the type of assistance needed from the funeral service community and when it might be safe to travel to Haiti. Unfortunately, all communication with Port-au-Prince, the Haitian capital and hardest hit by the earthquake, has been cut off. In addition, NFDA has been unable to reach an NFDA-member firm located near the capital.” via nfda

Shame on the National Funeral Directors Association. Type of Assistance? There is a stench of Dead bodies in the streets of Haiti.

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